Friday 1.11.13

Buy In:  Tabata Double Unders.  Do exactly 4 mobs for pressing/dips.

Bench Press 3 sets x ?

For many, this is Round 3 of our 75% weight.  The plan today is to crank out more reps than you were able to on Monday when we benched last. Remember, you should use the same weight you worked with last session in an effort to get to 3 sets of 10.  This might end up taking a few more sessions, but work today to get closer to "graduating" to a new weight. 


21-15-9 Reps for time of

Clean (95/135) Power or Squat, lifter's choice

Ring Dips (if you can't, choose a suitable alternative)

Post time and stoked factor to comments.

check it: (for more info on Benchmark WOD's)


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