Friday 10.25.13

Buy In: Band Pull aparts, Band face pulls, band shoulder mobility. 

German Volume Training Bench Press and Ring Rows.

Bench: 10 sets of 10 repetitions with KB or DB. Rest 90 seconds before beginning the ring rows. Plan to share a bench. The goal is to hit 10 sets at the same weight on the bench. Be tough.

Ring Rows: 10 sets of 10. Attempt to remain in a horizontal position by elevating your heels on a box. Don't be shocked if this is exceedingly difficult. Rest 90 seconds before beginning the next set of bench press.

Let me recap. Complete 10 reps of bench, then after resting 90 seconds, begin a set of ring rows. After resting 90 seconds you will return to the bench, alternating in this fashion for the duration of the session. 10 sets of each movement. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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