Wednesday 11.20.13

Hey- the milkman comes on Wednesday nights between 5:30-6 don't forget. Return your empties and pick up your fresh, creamy grow-juice.

Buy In- Tabata-style :20 pistols (alternate left/right) :20 Superman static hold in the "up" position, :20 Hollow body hold, :20 Handstand walks (sub handstands against the wall, or cartwheels, or headstands). Repeat.

12 reps cat/camel, bridge, side-lying bridge.

PVC the holy-heck out of your hip flexors. I continue to be surprised by how many people lack basic competency with this, given that it shows up in the buy-in constantly.  Practice learning.

Snatch Grip deadlift 5 sets of 3 reps (hint- this is a lot easier if you don't have hip flexors as tight as banjo strings. Refer to the pvc work above).  Warm up with a few sets. Your first working set will be at a weight equal to 100% of your snatch. Since most of you snatch 30% of what you deadlift, this shouldn't be too hard.  Add weight from there if and only if you are able to maintain an attractive torso angle. Yes- Im judging all of you on the attractiveness of your torso angle.  Let me be honest- most of you don't do it for me.  Just keeping it real.  

Then: Complete 5 sled sprints. Walk over to Cowart on the other side of Main and go for max distance in 10 seconds.  Women use 2 45's men use 4.

post attractiveness of your torso angle to comments.

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