Monday 12.02.13

Buy In: High five a trainer.

25 reps Hip bridges (click this link to see a video of the glute master Bret Contreras address proper execution. Jump ahead to 4:52 in the video. The payoff shot is at 5.22. getUSED to these- steady diet ahead).

Group stretch: 1 minute each- couch stretch, frog stretch, static spiderman lunge (left and right). 4 minutes total.

Group soft tissue: 1 minute each- PVC smash your hip flexors, PVC your thoracic spine, sit on a ball (left and right glute). 4 minutes total.

Back Squat warmup sets- 5 reps@ 55%,65,75 

Complete 7 rounds for time of:

Back Squat 5 Reps @ 70%

Pushups 10 Reps

Burpees 8 Reps

6 Box Jumps

20 minute time cap

Mike AlleyComment