Wednesday 12.18.13

Buy in: better get ready!  Group PVC hip smash. Couch stretch, frog stretch, down dog progression. 

Thrusters 1x5@50%, 1x5@60%, 1x3@70%,1x1@80%,5 heavy singles@90+% ( let me decipher the 90+% shorthand for my symbologyically challenged of you out there. This does not mean to perform 5 reps at 90%. This means start at 90 and go up from there).

then every minute on the minute for 8 minutes complete 3 squat clean thrusters@70-80%.  That means the weights touch the floor three times during the set just to be clear. 

Finisher- one set max rep unbroken wall balls. 

Post pertinent details to comments. 

Mike AlleyComment