Thursday 4.11.13

Buy In: 12 reps: PVC Shoulder Complex, Band pull aparts, Samson Stretch, pullups, bar dips.  Mobilize pecs,shoulders,triceps,wrists. 

Spend 10 minutes doing muscle ups. If you can, do 30 reps (30 is enough, you can stop there).  If you aren't able, work on the drill that involves lying on your back while holding onto the rings and kicking your hips high and pulling through. This should be timed.


1x8 Bench Press@ 60%

1x8 Bench Press@ 75%  On the last rep of this set, have your spotter drive the barbell towards your chest while lowering the weight after having completed the eighth rep.  Fight the spotter as hard as possible in an effort to resist the lowering.  This should look like a scene from a prison movie.  If your shoulders and chest are not healthy, do not do the heavy negative.  Spotters be really smart.  You will need to help the lifter return the bar to the rack.  If you are working with someone lifting over 200#, plan to use two spotters.  If you are at all confused, do not do this. 


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