Tuesday 4.23.13

Buy In: (all together)- 12 reps: pvc shoulder complex, pvc squat snatch balance, barbell hang power snatch. Then, partner up and begin progressively loading in order to work your way up to the wod weight.  (Some guidance on the wod weight: the weight should be heavy enough that you cannot touch and go, or that you can barely touch and go.  The idea is not that you are banging out 15 snatches while your partner does 15 wall balls, but also, we want you to get 3-5 per set so it should not be a spirit crushing amount of weight). 

Partner WOD for time:

One partner does 15 wall balls, while the other partner snatches (85% 1RM).  When the wall baller is done, the partners trade out.  The wod ends once the team has completed 60 snatches.  It is not required that the workload be exactly even, simply that 60 snatches are completed.  Power snatch or squat snatch as needed.  If the two lifters are not evenly matched, use two barbells. It may be necessary to snatch and wall ball outdoors if there is not sufficient space inside.  Workout is capped at 30 minutes.

Post time/load/stoked factor to comments. Partner recruiting is encouraged- call your bestie NOW.

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