Thursday 5.02.13

Buy In: Tabata Double Unders. Put on your lifting shoes ( you have those because you're committed, right?) Tabata- for this set you will spend 20 seconds "in the hole" in a static hold with a pvc pipe overhead with elbows locked for the work portion then rest for 10 seconds (x 8 duh).

10 reps: Unloaded barbell- hang power snatch, snatch balance (power), snatch balance (full squat).


Snatch: load progressively continuing to warm up until you hit a near max single.  From there, hit as many heavy singles as time allows.  Perform power or squat snatches as desired.

then in 10 minutes Complete As Many Rounds as Possible of:

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatches (45/75)

Mike AlleyComment