Monday 5.13.13

Buy In: Tabata Double unders.  20 reps: Anderson Press, Bridges, Hollow Body Crunch.  Mobilize for 3 minutes.

Main Terrain "O-Course"

Begins and Ends at the Main Street Entrance at the nearest light pole on the right once you've entered the oval.

Run to the Rings and do 10 Toes to Rings

Run to the Dip Bars and do 10 Dips

Run to the 18" brick wall on the far side and complete 10 one legged squats per leg alternating.  You will touch your butt to the wall (or bench if you want to call it that) and stand fully for every rep

Run to the Pullup bars and do 10 pullups.

Return to the Start/Finish line.

Complete 3 rounds. Timecap 30 minutes.

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