Thursday 5.16.13

Buy In: 10 minutes Mobility. Are you supple? 

Perfect Practice. You're going to be challenged to hold ideal position(s) in a Tabata interval format.  Give yourself permission to tap out and rest until the top of the next interval once you have lost perfect alignment. By all means fight to stay organized and tight, but you may find that you cannot endure 8, 20-second "on" periods.  Let's make it look legit.

Tabata Hollow body laying on the floor

Tabata Hollow body hanging from rings.

Tabata Hole-surfing (that's what I chose to call getting into the bottom of your squat position and cranking max torque).

Tabata Snatch-grip w/PVC holding the pipe right against the bottom of the kneecap with shins vertical.

Tabata Warrior 2 postion (alternate left and right which means 4x each side). Instructional video clip below.  Scroll to :48-:53.

If you need a finisher, plan on redoing the Wednesday wod.


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