Monday 5.06.13

Buy In: (meanwhile David and Emily are chillin' in the Carribean) 25 reps Anderson Press (the Anderson press is named after old school strongman look alike and getBUILT member Wayne Anderson).  An Anderson press begins with a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells held in the high rack position, completing a front squat and then finishing with the weight locked out overhead.  DO NOT clock yourself in the skull as I did the first time I tried these. This set does not have to be continuous.  25 reps Goblet squat using a 3 second pause "in the hole" on every rep. Break up as needed. 10 minutes band freestyle for shoulders/hips.

Death By Complex Pyramid:

begin when the clock starts with 1 rep of each: Hang Power Clean, Thruster, OHS  (95/135)

at the top of every minute add a rep, so in the second minute you'll do 2 Hang Cleans, 2 Thrusters, 2 OHS, in the third 3 and so on, until you cannot complete the work in 60 seconds or less.  With no more than 2 minutes of recovery, begin again shooting for one less rep and working your way back down the ladder on the minute until you finish with the round of 1 rep of each.  So to review: up the ladder to failure, then come back down.

Scaling guidance:  Choose a weight that gives you a chance to get at least as high as the round of 5/5/5 reps.

Post reps/questions to comments.

Check out the challenge from John Wysong's old box, CrossFit One World. Feel free to play along as long as you stay out the way!: Link 

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