Wednesday 6.19.13

Buy In: get ready.

For time:

50 Double unders

25 Wall Balls

20 Push Ups

15 Body Weight Power Cleans men, .67 BW women

10 Step and Press 53#/24" men, 35#/20" women (5/side)

5 Bar Muscle ups (2:1 subsitution pullups/dips)

then exit the garage door and turn left onto Cowart. Proceed to 13th and take a left. Cross Broad and enter the Main Terrain from the Chattanoogan side and run in the direction of the pullup bars. Don't stop there, but continue around and make your way to the parallel bars.

Traverse the bars on your hands from one end to the other. Don't be a chump and choke way up. Try to start at the very first possible place and work all the way to the other end. Before dismounting, hit 5 dips. Then continue running until you come back to the dip stations.  Same as before traverse + 5 dips. One more time around for a third traverse and then continue back to 13th Street, reversing your course out of the Main Terrain, using Cowart to get back and entering the garage door, where you will do:

5 bar muscle ups

10 steps (same as previous)

15 body weight cleans

20 push ups

25 wall balls

50 double unders

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