Monday 6.03.13

Group buy in: Late attendees will be required to complete 10 burpees for every minute they are late. If you are more than 5 minutes late (the trainers' phone is the final authority) you will immediately complete your burpees outside and join the class wherever they may be in the buy in. Run 400 meters.  Five minutes on the floor, on your back with your eyes closed. At the end of each minute, the trainer will say "Rotate".  You can take a nap or you can visualize, or you can complain to yourself. Whatever you do, be quiet. Then, complete 5 reps of each movement featured in the workout.  After that take 5 more minutes to moblize and prepare. Take 5 minutes to work out your lane assignment and work flow and Get it On Mills Lane style.

Fight Gone Bad

3 rounds. Max reps. 1 minute per station rotating through all five to complete a round. 1 minute rest at the end of round 1 and 2.

Wall Balls

Sumo Deadlift High Pull


Box Jump (do them right. yes you do know what that means).

Push Press (see above)

This order is due to the way our space is laid out. For the sake of variety, MAKE IT A POINT to complete the workout in a different sequence than you used last time. If you don't know how you did it last time don't sweat it, just go for it.

Post total reps to comments.

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