Wednesday 6.05.13

for time: Run Southern Star loop. 5 minutes mobility work. Pistol practice.


50 box pistols (25/side).  Use the tallest box you are able to use in order to complete a pistol.  If possible try to lower from standing while on top of the box, drop into a full one-legged squat without your foot touching the ground and stand back up on that same leg. The scale for this is to let your foot touch the ground and return to standing.  With a 6 or 12 inch box this should be do-able for most.  You scale as you need to. Alternate legs as needed.

50 burpees jumping over a plate.  Face the plate, do a burpee, hop over the plate, repeat.

50 walking lunges (25/side) with your plate held locked out overhead. 

50 dumbbell or kettlebell thrusters.

The prescription for loading is to go as heavy as you can. Don't shuck weight- choose wisely.

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