Monday 6.10.13

Buy In: 100 double unders for time. 25 hanging hollow body crunches (let your body relax into a vertical hang and then squeeze into a pretty hanging hollow body position, holding for a 2 count. Use the rings if available. 

Squat prep: Pigeon, Static spiderman lunge, PVC Gristle grinding on hips, couch stretch, captain morgan stretch.

Perform 5 progressively heavier sets of 3-5 reps starting with an unloaded bar.

Every minute on the minute with a continuously running clock.

for seven minutes complete 1 squat@ 80+% (feel free to go big- just stay commited to position and depth. Try to hold the same load if possible).

for the next seven minutes 1 front squat (same guidelines).

for the final seven minutes 1 overhead squat (catching on? if not reread.)

Post loads to comments. No one wants to read 21 different numbers which is a good reason to stick with one load per movement.  Ideally posted as: X/Y/Z.  


Mike AlleyComment