Monday 9.16.13

Buy In (as a group): 10 reps with an unloaded barbell-  squat, push press, front squat, snatch balance (power position catch), hang power snatch.  

Mobility- olympic wall squat, pigeon, captain morgan stretch, sit on a softball or lacrosse ball, band shoulder dislocation.

Snatch grip deadlift- progressively load your way up to 120% of your 1 rep snatch max, doing sets of 3 then complete 4 sets of 3 at 120% snatch max. This assumes you can do so with form that resembles good snatch form.  If you cannot, do not add weight to the bar! Practice caring.

Snatch- lifter's choice power or squat. Progressively load, working up to your 1RM.  Accumulate 10-15 TOTAL reps. (this total includes the progressive loading reps).

Aside from the Cunningham-ian levels of post success celebration, one thing you'll notice about these lifters is during the first pull off of the floor, they maintain their torso position and keep their chests up. 


Mike AlleyComment