Monday 9.09.13

5:30am group take note: The power circuits are blown. They cant be reset until George the landlord shows up. You will have overhead lights, but no music, fan or bathroom lights. Apologies. Blame the Kidney Foundation.

Congrats to Chris Wang, Russ, Ryen and Tesi on their great finish this weekend at the Garage Games Team Event. Way to represent!

Buy In: 5 minute Asian Squat (unbroken).  This exercise should guide you on where to direct your mobility efforts as we prepare for heavy front squats. 5 minutes mobility work.

3-5 sets front squat in preparation for:

Every Minute on the Minute for 10 minutes, complete 2 front squats@80plus percent

Finisher: Death by bodyweight front squats. Add a rep every minute. Go till you can't do the requisite number of reps.

Mike AlleyComment