Tuesday 10.14.14

Buy In: Grab your reading specs. 10 reps of the exercises featured in today's workout. Use an unloaded barbell where bars are called for. (5 minutes)

Mobility: Grab a box and a band. Wrap the band around a post on the rig. Set the band at a height even with your upper thigh.  The box will be in front of you and the post behind you. Place a leg through the band and then place that foot up on the box, leaving the other foot on the floor. The band should be as high as possible on your thigh. Fine tune how far away the box is from you and settle in holding the stretch for a minute on each side. (5 minutes)

Technique work: Spend 20 minutes working on the skills you need for this workout. Maybe you can't do double unders- work on them. Maybe you don't feel confident with the snatch- now is the time to practice. Maybe the kipping pull-up isn't second nature, you guessed it- practice.

Tabata Pairs: You're tasked with performing two movements in alternating fashion. You'll do the first exercise for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds and then perform 20 seconds of the second exercise, rest 10 seconds then go back to exercise 1. You'll perform the first exercise a total of 4 times, ditto for the second exercise. Upon completing a pair, you'll get a full minute of rest. So at minute 5 you'll begin working on the next pair. Where possible, athletes should proceed in the posted order and consider it the prescribed order.

Thrusters (95/53)/Pullups

Rest 1 minute

Wall Balls/KB Swings

Rest 1 minute

Hang Power Snatches (95/53)/Double Unders

You will have six individual scoring opportunities as there are 6 different movements. 

Mike Alley