Wednesday 10.29.14

Buy In: Turf work- 20 meters walking lunge, walking rdl's, walking spiderman lunges, handstand walks.

Back Squats 1x5@55%, 1x5@65%, 1x max reps@ 75% (stop if you make it to 20. Strive to maintain a consistent tempo. Rest no more than one breath at the top of the rep on the last set). Record max reps on Wodify.

then complete 5 rounds for time of:

5 bar dips (rx+= ring dips)

7 hand release push ups (rx+= good push ups)

10 front squats@95/135  (squats come off of the floor)


Run 400 meters- only one run of 400. Total time to Wodify. To recap- do 5 rounds, then run, then rack your weights and go home. Cheers!





Mike Alley