Friday 10.31.14

Buy In: Take off your damn sleeves.  Flex (front double biceps pose ideally) in the direction of the nearest trainer and salute the flag.  Barbell curls for Kurt.  10-15 reps@pump weight. Then do some chin ups. 1 set to failure.  12 reps band shoulder complex.

Bench Press:1x5@55%, 1x5@65%,1x Max Reps@75%

Assistance work (for pump)

3 round Circuit of:

Wide grip bench 15 reps (stay light, duh)

Barbell Rows 15 reps (flat back- feelin' those deadlifts yet?)

Close grip bench 15 reps

Rear delt flyes 15 reps

dug deep into the Poole family archives for this one:

Mike Alley