Wednesday 11.19.14

Buy In: 16 Burpees. 10 reps- single leg RDL's (per side), reverse lunges, band good mornings, med ball deadlifts.

Please note: If you read this and think, "eh... not worth my time"- you have a problem accepting how weak you are and how much you struggle with good form. I would encourage you to get over yourself and put the bit in your mouth and pull the load. Finish the workout and then decide whether it was worth your time. Cheers! 

For quality and perfect posture complete:

50 reps Snatch Grip Deadlifts (the liftoff is the most important thing here)

50 reps Snatch Grip Bent Over Rows

50 Reps Single-leg hip thrusts (unweighted, back rests across the bench, lift hips and pause at the top. One foot will remain flat on the ground while the other leg will stay relatively straight and be lifted off the ground with your hips). Google it. 

50 Reps RDL's

Partition as needed. This is not a golden PR opportunity. This is an opportunity to prove your mastery of mobility,position and internalizing form cues (also known as being coachable). Enjoy! 

Mike Alley