Monday 2.03.14

Most of you weren't privy to a recent comment I made which was something like: "after a month of Yannuary, my programming is gonna be like rainbows and lollipops.

Buy In: Med-ball drill. See trainer. 5 minutes.

Skill Work: Handstand push ups. If you can't handstand, then headstand. If HSPU's are do-able, try deficit HSPU's.  How you going to get skills if you don't work on skills? 10 minutes

Mobilize: 5 minutes

Partner WOD (many of you may have trouble grasping this format- don't stress- just show up and work).

You and a partner will spend 4 minutes performing each triplet AMRAP style.  You will do 7 reps, your partner will do the next exercise (7 reps) then you will do the next exercise and so on. Your partner cannot begin working on the next exercise until you are done and vice versa. Thus, this format is referred to as leapfrog.  

Rest 1 minute between triplets.  Doesn't matter where you start.

Triplet 1: 7 wall-balls, 7 sumo-deadlift high pulls (53/75), 7 box jumps

Triplet 2: 7 kb swings, 7 power snatches (53/75), 7 burpee bar jump overs (lax standard- chest to deck and clear the bar in any fashion)

Triplet 3: 7 calories on the erg, 7 front squats (from the floor) 95/135, 7 toes to bar.

smiling rainbow cupid lollipop by kok-gini

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