Thursday 2.13.14

Please note: There will be no 5:30am WOD.

Buy In: 2 500 meter rowing efforts. Row 500, rest 3-5 minutes, repeat.  "Death by" format of  Kipping Toes to Bar for 6 minutes. You decide what your first minute rep count will be and add on a rep each successive minute.Sub hanging leg raises as needed.

Mobility: Banded leg work. 5 minutes.

For time complete:

Triplet 1: 4 Overhead Barbell Reverse Lunges, 6 High Rack position Lunges, 8 Barbell lunges w/ bar on your back.  Your bar will start in the rack. Work close to the rack and plan on placing the bar back into the rack in order to transition from the high rack and reposition the bar onto your back. Reps are 2 per side, then 3 per side, then 4 per side.

Weights 53/95

Triplet 2:5 Burpee Box Jump Overs, 10 Box Jumps, 20 Double Unders  (20'/24")

Triplet 3: 5 Ball Slams, 10 KB Swings, 15 Wall balls

You will complete max rounds on a given triplet for 3 (Three, Tres, Trzy,Trois) minutes.  Move from one triplet to the next. After completing all 3 triplets, rest for 3 minutes. Repeat- that means you will do 2 (Two, Dos, Dwa, Deux) rounds.


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