Friday 2.28.14

Announcement for Saturday- we will unlock the doors at 8:30. WE NEED TO BEGIN THE 1ST HEAT AT 9:00AM 

Buy In: Run the Southern Star loop. 

Mobility: attack your gristle. focus on ankles and hips. 

Snatch (power) 1x5@barbell, 1x5@53/75, 1x5@63/95,1x3@73/115, 1x3@83/135

Double Unders: 3x30

This work is the time to grease the groove. Don't exhaust yourself, prepare yourself. If you are having double-under hiccups, iron them out.

WOD 14.1

In 10 minutes complete as many rounds as possible of the following couplet:

30 Double-unders

15 Snatches (power) 55/75

Post work completed to comments.

Mike AlleyComment