Monday 3.24.14

Buy In: Run Southern Star loop (as a group). Turf Work: 40 (=down and back!) meters of high knees, butt-kickers, side shuffle (4 trips total). 20 meters walking lunges, walking rdl's, walking spiderman lunges.

10 minutes

Skill work: L-sit. Use a pair of boxes or work from a hanging position. This will involve tabata style timing.  In all likelihood you won't last the full 20 seconds for more than one or two cycles.  In that case, simply work to hold the position as long as possible and when necessary, stop for a quick break and get back to it until the 20 second "work" period ends. This will be a 4 minute skill session- tabata style (did I say that already?).

4 minutes

Strength work: Squat. Heavy.  3 reps@50%, 3 reps@60%,3 reps@70%,3 reps@80% then accumulate 9 reps total @ 85 plus % (that means at least 85% and more if you can). Break the heavy 9 up as needed. Your warm-up sets should not involve a lot of rest. Work quickly, there's a met-con to do.

18 minutes

Met-con: For time complete 75 burpees and 75 kb swings.  Partition as needed.

12 minute time cap.


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