Tuesday 3.04.14

Buy In:12 reps PVC Complex,  band pull aparts, band face pulls, band ohs.

Skill Work: Overhead squats. Here's a tip- if you struggle with Overhead squats, take some steps to improve by identifying the limiting factor(s). Often times I see tight pecs hold people back from making progress. Other times its tight hip flexors. Tinker, figure it out- do something different. Or don't. You and Bobby Brown's perogative. 

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

5 Reps Overhead Squat (95/135) (crease of the hip below the knee- duh. but seriously- get low).

7 Reps Toes to Bar (curious to see who makes it a point to actually get both feet to touch the bar now that everyone is all focused on "standards")

9 Push Ups (hand release) (practice experiencing full extension at the top of the push up- gonna be a novel experience for many of you) (for the record i'm not calling out Mark "congenitally deformed biceps" Cunningham, but am calling out most of the rest of the males at the gym) (please refer to the OutKast song featured in the video below which features NSFW language for clarification...).

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