Monday 3.10.14

Come join us in the beautiful sunny weather for our Q1 10 Lapper! That's right folks- 10 laps!  You know you need to, so come on out and enjoy the fellowship and the sunshine.  All of you, "I can run on my own at home in my neighborhood" people- good one! 'Cause seriously, are you going to run as hard? No! Everybody knows that. See you there at the gym! 

If you haven't done 14.2- you'll have plenty of space.

 Those of you hoping for "Open Gym" since everyone is outside- Good News!  We have open gym every day- at 5:30am.  Hey, thanks for playing and stop back in real soon.  Thanks- The Management.

Though this picture would seemingly be a not so subtle call out of Mark Cunningham, it is in fact solely for comic relief and is intended as an assumption of how members might feel upon learning that today is 10 lapper day.

Mike AlleyComment