Thursday 4.03.14

Buy In: 12 reps- cat/camel, supermans, bridges, side-lying bridges left/right, toes to bar

Deadlift 3 sets 5 reps@ 50% Snatch grip

Deadlift 3 sets 5 reps@ 65% Normal grip

Deadlift 3 sets 5 reps@75% Sumo Deadlift

Deadlift 3sets 3 reps@85%

This represents a lot of volume(duh). Work using impeccable form and keep an eye on the clock.  Share a bar and stay busy. Yapping is expected but STAY ON TASK. And- don't be a hero.  Ask someone to video your efforts.  Its hard to walk around like a bad ass if you can't stand up straight.

Mike AlleyComment