Wednesday 4.09.14

Buy In: Be on time.  Load your bar and get your kettlebells ready.

Partner WOD

for time complete

Partner Barbell Carry. Single barbell. 123# women 185# men. The course is the "Gate Loop". Depart from the Garage Door out the back gate and turn right onto Cowart, then right onto Main and right back in to the small side gate. Stop and rest or switch grips as needed. Don't be a wus though and strip the weight down to 63#. (don't make me name names).

20 meters (x2) Wheelbarrow walk. Go back to 3rd grade if you don't know what partner wheelbarrow walk entails.

70 reps Kettlebell or Dumbbell thrusters. Be somebody- 35/53 Split reps as needed (evenly)

20 Bar Muscle Ups. (divide evenly). Sub chest to bar pullups 2:1 (this means do 40 reps total between the two of you).

Partner Suicide on the Basketball Court doing walking lunges w/ plate overhead 25/45. (ex- you start at the baseline and walking lunge to the free throw line. Hand off the plate to your partner who walks back to the baseline. You then walking overhead lunge to halfcourt and hand off the plate and so on).

20 Turkish get ups. Split evenly. You go then your partner goes.

Burpee Broad Jump 80 meters. Your partner does 20 meters then you go, then your partner goes then you go.

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