Tuesday 5.27.14

Buy In: 1 minute max reps Wall Balls, 1 minute max reps Burpees.

Mobility: PVC Hip flexor smash, barbell triceps smash, couch stretch, olympic wall squat.

Thrusters 1 set of 5@50%, 1 set of 5@60%, 1 set of max reps@70%.  

then copied and pasted from:CrossFit Invictus.com: 

“Ten Minute Capacity Test”

Perform the following movements, in order, for max reps (or calories), resting exactly 60 seconds between each station:

4 Minutes of Rowing on Concept 2 (for Calories)

Rest 60 seconds

3 Minutes of Pull-Ups

Rest 60 seconds

2 Minutes of Bodyweight Back Squat (barbell starts from a rack)

(Ladies, perform these at .75 x Bodyweight)

Rest 60 seconds

1 Minute of 135/95 lb. Shoulder to Overhead (bar must start from the floor – no racks for this portion).

Post results to comments.

Mike Alley