Wednesday 5.28.14

Buy In: 12 Reps-cat/camel,banded good mornings, bridges, side-lying bridges, toes to bar

Deadlifts: 5 reps@50%, 5 reps@60%, max reps@70%.  Please do your back a favor and load appropriately and conservatively.  Don't be a hero.  Be smart.  Practice picture perfect reps.  At at true 70% there's no reason not to.  


complete 5 rounds for time of:

5 reps Deadlift 115/185

5 reps ring rows (thumbs to ribs- feet elevated if you're capable)

run 400 meters

5 KB Swings 44/70 (you must be on a stall mat or the rubber floor. Our court/turf are getting violated by the kb)

5 Burpees

Mike Alley