Friday 7.25.14

Group buy in: Turf work- 20 meters bear crawls, robster craws, cartwheels (each side), burpee broad jumps, walking spider man lunges

Squat: Every 2 minutes on the 2 minutes complete 8 squats@70%.8 minutes total.32 reps total.Clear as mud?

Yard Session:

5 attempts: med ball keg toss on getBUILT "Billboard" Mural.  Max height. Back faces the wall, squat down and heave the ball in the air (Highland Games style). Rep does not count if you do not hit the wall (duh). Note your highest point of contact with the mural. 

5 attempts: Broad Jump for distance

5 down and back sled drags.  45 pounds women, 90 pounds men. Go hard and fast. (She never said that).

60 meters strength axle.

 200 meter-ish loaded run. Women carry 20# med ball, men carry sandbag. Start at the big gate and run to the tracks.  Walk back.

Mike Alley