Friday 8.22.14

Buy In:400 meters Loaded barbell carry, any grip, stance, bar-resting position etc is allowed. Rolling is NOT allowed.  75/115

Mobility: 1 minute each side of: Couch stretch, pigeon, hip flexor smash,calf smash.

In 15 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of:

5 reps Snatch Pull  75/115 (to nipple height) [If you hose your back or your shoulder because you need to be Tommy Tuffnuts, you'll regret it. Commit to quality movement at a managable load, Wodify be damned].

If you are not familar or practiced with Snatches, please perform a kettle bell high pull.  Thank me later.

10 burpee bar jump overs (hips do not need to open, will be performed alongside the bar, torso does not need to get vertical- consult a trainer for clarification).  If scaling the snatch high pulls using a kb, just do regular burpees.


Mike Alley