Wednesday 8.27.14

Buy In: Study the map!

For time: Run 8K


Leave the box via the typical 800 meter route heading towards Market on Cowart.

Turn left onto Market.

Turn right off of Market onto Houston Street.

Turn left off of Houston onto Vine Street.

Cross Georgia and turn right onto Walnut Street.

Cross the Walnut Street Bridge and head up Forrest.

Turn left off of Forrest onto E. Manning Street.

Turn left off of E. Manning onto Woodland Avenue.

Turn right onto Fraser briefly and then cross Market Street Bridge.

Stay on Market until you hit MLK. at which point you turn right and then onto Broad Street.

Stay on Broad until you go RIGHT onto 13th Street.

Turn off of 13th until you go left onto Chestnut and then left again onto W. Main.

Cross Broad and you're back at the box!



Mike Alley