Tuesday 9.23.14

Buy In: Complete 5 reps of each movement using an unloaded barbell.

Complete 3 Rounds of:

One minute per movement (continuously running clock)


Power Snatch (53/75)

Box Jump or Step Up 24" Box (prescribed for ALL 3 genders)

Thruster (53/75)

Chest to Bar Pullups

When the last rotation is complete, begin running 800 meters (sub rowing 800 meters if you can't run.

Then next round begins at 10 minutes. (5 minutes work, 5 minute running time). Round 2 begins at exactly 10:00.  If you don't complete the run under the cap, just go to work at the appropriate station and rotate at the top of the next minute. 

This workout is up to 30 minutes long.  Two ways to score: Total Reps and Total time.


Mike Alley