Saturday 1.31.15

Saturday Workout is Row 2k at UTC Maclellan Gym. As a non regatta rower, you are considered a "Never-ever".  Women start at 10 and men start 20 minutes later. This is free (getBUILT is paying for your race fee) and it is a great chance to compete outside the confines of our awesome gym. Rowing is a legit sport and the atmosphere at this event will get you amped. Join up with your fellow getBUILTers and take your fitness for a spin ( you know the open starts in less than 4 weeks, right?). Let's do this. Plan to park at the parking garage located past the Roundhouse. Maclellan is across the street from there. STOKED!!! Plan to get there about 9:30-9:45 to sign waivers and warm up.


2015 TN Indoor Event Schedule 
 Time Event (Race) 
  8:00 AM Collegiate Novice Women 
  8:20 AM Collegiate Novice Men 
  8:40 AM Collegiate Lightweight Women 
  9:00 AM Collegiate Lightweight Men 
  9:20 AM Collegiate Open Women 
  9:40 AM Collegiate Open Men 
10:00 AM Never-Ever Women 
10:20 AM Never-Ever Men 
the blue square just below is the garage. Maclellan is across the street.


Mike Alley