Friday 2.06.15

Are you planning on doing the Open? It starts in less than 3 weeks. This Saturday represents a great opportunity to push yourself. Share the love is going down this Saturday. I'll post a link in comments. Please consider participating and helping out this worthy cause.

Buy In: Deadlift prep: 10 reps: cat/camel, supermans, side-lying bridges,hip thrusters (on a bench) ghd situps and banded good mornings.

Deadlift: 2x5@65%,2x3@75%, 1x Max reps@85%

then skill work followed by:

in 12 minutes complete as many rounds as possible of:

2 Muscle ups

4 Handstand Push Ups

6 Deadlifts (135/225)

Listen, listen, listen, get your burpees done!

Mike Alley