Monday 3.16.15

I know that Dave Castro is on top of many people's hit list as a result of the programming for 15.3. To those of you frustrated by the wod, I feel you. Keep on banging. You can get there. Many of you had huge breakthrough's in the muscle-up department- congratulations!  I've got video below of Thomas Clark's celebration (during the wod) upon getting a few muscle ups out of the gate.

Buy In: 5 reps at each station

This workout lasts thirty minutes and features an EMOM type approach, except its going to be every 3 minutes instead of every one minute. I guess short-hand would look something like this: E3MOM. You will begin with a 400 meter run (enjoy the sun for a change!). Upon touching the wall beside the garage door, you will have the remainder of the 3 minutes to complete as many reps as possible at one of 5 stations:

Wall Balls, Box Jumps(20"), Push Press (53/75), Row for Cals, SDHP (53/75).  Record your TOTAL reps to WODIFY. Once you've gone through each of the movements you will repeat.

Mike Alley