Monday 3.09.15

Buy In: Tabata Double unders. Mobilize.

This workout will feature 4 different exercises or stations: the rower, the bench press, wall balls and sumo deadlift high pulls. You will spend 5 minutes at each station.  This will be an EMOM format. Plan to alternate between pushes and pulls (bench and wall balls are pushes, the other two are pulls), otherwise it doesn't matter where you begin.

5 minute EMOM Rower: 15 calories on the minute if bodyweight is over 170, 12 calories if bodyweight is lower than 170.

5 minute EMOM Bench Press: 8 reps@70%1RM

5 minute EMOM Wall Ball: 15 reps 20# to 9'for women, 15 reps 25# to 10' for men

5 minute EMOM Sumo Deadlift High Pull: 15 reps 65#/95#

You will transition with NO rest to each event. In other words the clock will run continuously for 20 minutes. Post questions to:

Mike Alley