Friday 5.29.15

Buy In: Figure out where Shib is. High five a trainer. Prepare for the wod.

Team Sesh:

In teams of 3-4 you will complete the following. You don't advance to the next thing until everyone's done their work. Only one teammate will be working at any given time. The order is unimportant.

500 meter row for each teammate

30 reps bodyweight bench press for each teammate (partition as needed but you will only have one barbell available so if you switch partners, you switch weights).

Suicide for each teammate (only one teammate at a time running)

50 wall balls for each teammate (partition as needed).

40 KB swings for each teammate (44/70)

30 GHD situps for each teammate

20 bodyweight power cleans for each male teammate/60% for women (see bench press guidelines).

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Mike Alley