Wednesday 6.10.15

Turf Work: 20 meters high knees, low knees, side shuffle left,right, bear crawl, walking rdl's, walking spiderman lunge. 

Partner calf smash. Yes.

Partner beep test.  One partner will complete a down and back or 2 "legs" (40 meters), then the other partner will go.  You will continue until you and/or your teammate fail to make two consecutive line touches. There are 246 cumulative 20 meter runs. If you fail to complete the beep test, you and your partner will split up the remaining runs by performing burpees. Example: You and your partner complete 18 levels which represents 200 total shuttles, leaving you 46 shuttles shy of completing the test. You and your partner will complete 23 burpees each (46) to finish the workout. Only one partner at a time will work when performing burpees.

Mike Alley