Monday 9.21.15

Buy In: In tabata fashion- :20 Superman, :20 Hollow Rock, :20 side-lying bridges left side, :20 side-lying bridges right side, repeat.  In tabata fashion- :20 couch stretch left leg, :20 pigeon left leg, :20 seconds couch stretch right leg, :20 pigeon right leg, repeat.  Banded bully stretch both sides.  (not tabata style)

Mobilze as needed.

Complete 3 rounds for time of:

20 meters walking overhead lunge (25/45)

10 toes to bar

20 meters handstand walk (sub 10 reps kick up to handstand against the wall where both heels touch the wall then you come down)

10 ring dips (strict) sub bar dips and use bands as needed

Run 800 meters

Mike Alley