Thursday 1.28.16

Buy In: Turf work 40 meters- High knees, low knees, side shuffle, walking rdl. Mobilize.

10 rounds of Run 500 meters (Main Terrain loop).

If you complete a round in say, 1:47. You'll begin your second round@2:00. You'll continue on the 2:00 until you falter. Let's say you finish the first two under the 2:00 mark but the 3rd round is 2:02. In that case you'll run at minute 3. If you get the next round in under 2, you'll go again at the 2:00 mark. So the deal is, you just round up to the nearest minute every time you complete a lap. (If you can't follow this, ask Franklin for a better explaination. Or maybe Kiffin can help). The goal is to collect as many rounds out of 10 at the fastest pace you can perform. You will keep the clock running continuously and record the time at the completetion of the 10th lap. Good talk.



Mike Alley