Tuesday 12.20.16

Buy in: Musical Med balls. 10 burpees when you get bounced. 10 reps Band shoulder complex, band pull aparts, band no-money drill, toes to bar, ghd sit-ups, back extensions, bodyweight hip-thrusts on bench, one-arm kettlebell swings left, then right, jumping jacks. 


For time complete

10 reps Pullups/Dips (Rx+=Muscle ups ring or bar)

50 Double Unders

8 reps

40 Double Unders

6 reps

30 Double Unders

4 reps

20 Double Unders

2 reps

10 Double Unders

Finisher (which is always optional just ask Chris Poole): Row 1000 meters.

"does it mean there will be no gifts this year?" Jakub Różalski, digital, 2016.

Mike Alley