Tuesday 12.06.16

Buy in: Locate the puke bucket for future reference. Make some whiny comments on the blog about how burpees turn you into a festering pansy with the fortitude of a hungry toddler.

"Rowling" 5 frames. Burpees to be paid after every frame. Take a few minutes to calibrate your Watts per pull and to warm up your shoulder girdle for the chest to bar pullups. Mobiliterization. 

Complete 10 sprints of:

5 Chest to bar Pullups

10 Burpees

15 Pulls on the Rower.  In this case a "pull" will be defined for women as 1.5x Bodyweight Watts and Double Bodyweight Watts for men. You may pull 20-30 times but only the pulls meeting the above criteria count.

Rest as needed between efforts. Record your fastest and slowest effort.

Mike Alley