Monday 3.28.16

A special thank you to all who volunteered to make the 2016 Open our best yet. Chris Fason helped a ton, and of course all of the judges made the whole thing possible.  My special lady friend Katrina did a great job arranging the heats and validating scores. Again- THANK YOU!!! Congratulations to all of you who signed up and faced your fears and came out of it better for the experience.

Buy In:10 reps Band Shoulder Complex, Band Pull Aparts, Band no money drill. Couch Stretch, Pigeon.

Front Squat 2x5@55%,2x5@65%,1 x Max Reps@75%

Shoulder Press (strict, no knee bending!): 2x5@55%,2x5@65%,1 x Max Reps@75%

Mike Alley