Wednesday 3.30.16

Buy In: Turf work- 20 meters bear crawls, walking lunges, walking rdl's, walking spiderman lunges. Captain Morgan stretch, frog stretch.

Back Squat 2x5@55%,2x5@65%,1x Max reps@75%.

3 sets of assistance Work(in circuit fashion):

8 reps Barbell RDL's

10 reps Bent Over Rows

12 reps Rear Delt Flyes

15 reps per side Single Leg Bodyweight Hip Thrusts (on a bench)- please do not add additional external load such as a barbell for this movement-trust me if you're doing these right you will not need any extra load. The benches can get bent and are no fun for benchpressing if people do weighted hip thrusts on them. Thanks.




Mike Alley