Friday 4.01.16

Buy In: Pick a partner and mobilize.

This will be a partner workout. Do the work. In keeping with the "No WOD's for Time This Week" theme, this WOD will be done strictly for pleasure and not on the clock.

With a partner complete the following(Reps listed are total reps, not reps required per partner)Split the work however you care to:

The order is unimportant with the exception of the first and last movements. All teams should start and end with the exercises listed. For the rest any order is fine. Don't move on until all reps are complete.

30 reps Partner Calf Raise (yeah its akward, get over it!). Put your partner over your shoulder and execute a calf raise. Pretty straightforward really.

400 meter sled drag. (use the road. start in the road, finish in the road. DO NOT become a hood ornament. The non-working partner should help manage vehicle safety). Weight is 45#plate women/90#men

20 Rope Climbs

30 Bar Muscle Ups (sub pull ups and dips 30 of each)

40 Dumbbell thrusters. (you pick the weight you want, this is for fun remember?).

50 Ball Slams

60 Clean and Jerks (75/135)

to recap: everyone starts with calf raises and finishes with clean and jerks.

Mike Alley