Thursday 6.23.16

Buy In: Hang the band on the rig. 3 sets of 5 reps-face pull, tricep pushdowns, straight arm pushdowns.

With a partner:10 tosses (5/per,4-5 paces apart), med ball chest pass, right arm chest pass, left arm chest pass, golf swing stance pass left/right, sit up toss (lay back and touch the ball to the floor, then sit-up and pass it, receive the ball sitting upright).

10 reps: Bridges, side-lying bridges, toes to bar, supermans.

Then for time complete:

200 meter farmers carry 44/70 or use heaviest available. dumbbells are fine to use as well.

 3 rounds of

30 walking overhead lunges (15/side) 25/45#plate

15 deadlifts 95/185

15 burpees




Mike Alley