Tuesday 6.28.16

Buy In: Run the Southern Star loop. 10 reps unloaded barbell-Overhead reverse lunge, strict press, back squat, behind the neck press, rdl, bent over row, hang power clean, push jerk. Mobilize.

Perform progressively heavier shoulder to overhead to prepare for the WOD.

for time:

21 Shoulder to Overhead 93/155

3 Rope Climbs

Run 800 meters

15 Shoulder to Overhead

2 Rope Climbs

Run 800 meters

9 Shoulder to Overhead

1 Rope Climb

The technique featured below is effective, but it can be stressful on your feet and ankle bones. Don't let your feet get too torqued up or you can be injured. If you're unsure or haven't had a ton of experience with this technique, proceed with caution and don't overdo it.

Mike Alley